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Streamer Fly Patterns

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Streamer Fly Patterns


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“Fly fishing with streamer flies is a very effective way to target trophy brown trout and big rainbow trout on the White River and Norfork Tailwater in Arkansas, along with on Lake Taneycomo outside of Branson, Missouri. Smaller fish, like shad, minnows, and stocked trout are an integral part of the diet of White River trout, and this is why no one should be without some streamers in their fly box when getting prepared for their next Ozark trout fishing trip. Jeremy Hunt is one of the few White River fly fishing guides who utilize streamer patterns on most guide trips, but time and time again, it is a streamer that accounts for the largest trout of the day. Tie streamers for winter fly fishing, as the annual shad kill is all about white streamer patterns fished erratically.”
Sex Dungeon – White
Sex Dungeon – Olive
Circus Peanut – Olive & Tan
Double Screamer, Olive & Black
Double Screamer, White
Double Screamer, Yellow
T & A Shad
Eye Balz Sculpin
Craft Fur Pearch
Sculpin Leech
Hunt’s Yellow Hammer
Boyer’s Damsel
Coachman “Dace” Streamer
Wooly Bugger, Olive (Flash)
Bead Head Wooly Bugger, Peacock
Eric’s Damsel Bugger
Eric’s Damsel Bugger
Sparkle Craw – Olive
Zonker, Pearl & Gray
Match the Minnow, Trout-Salmon Parr
Light Bright “Rainbow” Minnow
Matuka Sculpin, Gold
Dave Whitllock’s Matuka Sculpin, Olive
Lead Eye, Wooly Sculpin
Wooly Sculpin, Olive
Slump Buster, Rust
Slump Buster, Natural
Slump Buster, Olive
Wooly Sculpin, Black
Bitch Bugger
Hare Sculpin, Gold
Hare Sculpin, Olive
Zonker, White
Zonker, Black
Matuka, White & Olive
Muddler Minnow
Zonker, Gold & Olive
Conehead Rubber Leg Wooly Bugger, Olive / Chartreuse
Near Nuff Sculpin, Sculpin Olive
Super Bugger – Tan
Matuka, Olive
Rag Sculpin, Olive
Frankie Shiner
Matuka, Brown
Krystal Bugger, Brown
Black Nose Dace
Wooly Bugger, Black
Arkansas Beadhead, White/Gray
Bead Head Wooly Bugger, Olive
Cone Head Wooly Bugger, Yellow Olive
Krystal Bugger, Black
Cone Head Wooly Bugger, Brown
Egg Sucking Rag Sculpin
Conehead JJ Special
Jig Fly, White
Jig Fly, Pink
Matuka Wool Head Sculpin
Wooly Bugger, Black & Olive
Hornberg Streamer, Olive
Conehead Marabou Muddler, Black
Conehead Marabou Muddler, Brown
Marabou Muddler, Black & Red
Zoo Cougar, Yellow
Zonker, Smolt
Stacked Marabou Fly – Olive
Wooly Bugger, Olive
Wooly Bugger, White
Cone Head Wooly Bugger, Ginger
Eric’s Beadhead Damsel Bugger
Stacked Marabou Fly – White
Janssen’s Minnow, Rainbow
Janssen’s Minnow,
Janssen’s Minnow, Brown
Matuka, Olive Grizzly
Carp Sculpin, Olive
Carp Sculpin, Black
Rubber Legs, Olive Brown
Rubber Leg’s, Brown
Near Nuff Sculpin, Natural
Near Nuff Sculpin, Olive
Doubled “Hackle” Wooly, Olive
Cone Head Wooly Bugger, Olive & Grizzly
Gray Ghost
Bullet Head Streamer, Gold
Gray Ghost , Orange Body
Bullet Head Streamer, Black & White
Mickey Finn
Matuka Spruce
Little Brown Trout
Black Nose Dace
Black Ghost
Spruce Dace, Royal Coachman
Gray Ghost
Gray Ghost , Orange Body
Baby Rainbow
Sparkle Epoxy Body Minnow, White
Winnipesaukee Smelt
Glades Minnow
Girdle Bugger, Orange Belly
Bead Head Crystal Bugger, Firecracker
Sheep Series, Olive & Black
Sheep Series, Shad
Sheep Series, Chartreuse
Sheep Series, Olive & White
Wing-N- Flash Minnow, Olive & White
Wing-N- Flash Minnow, Sky Blue & White
Baby Clouser, Flashy
Baby Clouser, Flashy (Night)
Palmer Chenille Bugger, Wine
Palmer Chenille Bugger, Orange
Palmer Chenille Bugger, Olive
Prism Wooly Bugger, Olive
Prism Wooly Bugger, Olive
Prism Wooly Bugger, White & Black
Wooly Bugger, Olive & Black
Leech, Ruby Red
Leech, Brown
Leech, Chartreuse
Krystal Bugger, Olive & Black
Cone Head Kiwi Muddler, Black
Bead Egg Sucking Leech, Black
Hot Glue Egg Sucking Wooly Bugger Leech, Purple
Cone Head Wooly Bugger , Purple
Cone Head Wooly Bugger , Black
Strip Leech, Krystal Body
Bead Head Wooly Bugger, Grizzly & Black
Nathan’s Wool Head Sculpin, Black
Nathan’s Wool Head Sculpin, Olive
Nathan’s Wool Head Sculpin, Rust
Cone Head Muddler Minnow
Muddler Minnow
Clouser Minnow, Smallmouth
Clouser Minnow, White & Chartreuse
Clouser Minnow, Chartreuse & Red
Clouser Minnow, White & Sea Green
Clouser Minnow, White & Chartreuse
Clouser Minnow, Yellow & Chartreuse
Double Stacked Minnow’s
Clouser Minnow, Yellow & Moss Green
Clouser Minnow, White & Blue
Clouser Minnow, White & Black
Clouser Minnow, White & Gray
Clouser Minnow, Yellow & Black
Clouser Minnow, Purple & Gray
Mylar Minnow, Shad (Kill)
Janssen’s Minnow, Shad
Conehead Craft Fur Shad
Zonker, White
Metallic Cone Steamer (All Purpose)
Midge Flash Streamer (Epoxy Head)
Foam Body Floating Shad
Wotton Shad, Silver Flexi-Cord
Alaska Smolt
Double Minnow, Shad
E.P Peanut Butter, Shad
Threadfin Shad
Edward’s Paper Clip Perch
Emu Shad, Yellow
Emu Shad, Orange
Emu Shad, Chartreuse
Wotton Shad, Big Belly
Wotton Shad, Big Belly
Wotton Shad, Floating (Dead Drift)
E.P. Fiber & Midge Flash Baitfish
Flat Back Shad
Half-N-Half, Fire Tiger
Dusky Stripe Shiner, Chartreuse & White
Dusky Stripe Shiner, Chartreuse & White
Schmidt, Rattle Snake
Butt Monkey
Wooly Sculpin
Zoo Cougar, White
Zoo Cougar, Olive
Prism Zonker, Shad (Dead Drifting)
Bead Head Bunny Leech, White
Kiwi Muddler
Double Bunny, Olive & White
Woven Leech, Olive & Sculpin Olive
Cone Head Bunny Muddler, Sculpin Olive
Double Bunny, Olive & Brown
Mad Pup, Black
Mad Pup, Olive

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